Other Services

Member Protection Service:
Every member needs to deposit 200 rupees per year into the member protection service fund. In the case of members’ death, the dependent family will be supported with rupees 20,000.00 to 40,000.00 according to the terms and condition of the membership period. He/she who becomes members exceeding his/her age 60 will not be liable to participate in this fund and will not be granted the support accordingly.

Money Transfer Service:
Zest Saving & Credit Co-operative has been providing money transfer service is a sub-agent of various remittance companies like Prabhu, Western Union, Himal remit, Remit to Nepal, GME, Mega Remit, etc. In average Jay Shankar has made a transaction of 20 million in a year.

Training and education.
Zest Co-operative provides regular training and education to its members. Cooperative education, training on financial literacy, other skill related training also is being organized targeting to enhance the entrepreneurship.

Scholarship Program:
Every year on the occasion of its establishment day, Zest Co-operative has been providing scholarship to the poor and intelligent students. It provides one year school or college fee as a scholarship as the scholarship has been categorized in two; i.e. Scholarship for higher secondary level and the scholarship for higher education level.

Support on calamities:
While member faces various natural calamities like earthquake, landslide, flood, fire, etc, Zest Co-operative provides support to the member in this misery.

Senior Member honor:
Every year Zest Co-operative extents honor with cash and the letter of appreciation to its senior members who reach the age of 70.

Zest Co-operative long life Support.
Members exceeding his/her age of 75 is being provided 500 rupees per month as old age allowances until his / her lives.