Message from Chairperson


Zest Saving & Credit Co-operative is the financial institution established under the Co-operative act 2048. We initiate our institution with the net capital of Rs.10,00,00,000. To involve in sustainable development and to generate the skilled manpower through the small capital we collect from our customers, we open this financial institution

Along with the support from our shareholders, stakeholders, and heartfelt depositors, we are somehow success to uplift the revenue of the country by investing the capital in different natural resource mobilization factory and company. We are also success to own employment opportunity to more than dozens of youth. The country’s GDP will rapidly increase if we were a success to properly utilize the resources moreover in a systematic manner.

Being a Chairperson and representative of Zest Saving & Credit Co-operative, I would like to thank all the stakeholders, depositors, hard-working staffs and strong bonded team member for believing us and shaking hand with us. I promise all the supportive members, our institution will never let you down and give you chance to criticize us instead, we will focus with a strong determination towards the lobbying & advocacy, capacity enhancement, effective mobilization of financial resources and always with Government for lifting up the country.

Indira Adhikari