About Us

Zest (Zeal Enthusiasm supporting Team) Saving and Credit Co-operative Ltd.

The country’s development will be in pace if each Nepalese can increase its yearly revenue through the mobilization of Natural resources and inaugurate the employment opportunity in a more systematic way. Zest (Zeal Enthusiasm supporting Team) Saving and Credit Co-operative Ltd have established with the aim to initiate the employment opportunity by investing in a variety of Company, that finishes up in customizing the Natural resource, with the small capital collected from our heartfelt depositors.

Self-employment is the key vision of our Co-operative. With the small amount poised from our depositors and investing it on possible resource management, helps to commence different kinds of self-employment opportunity in our own country. This aim and motive will help to uplift the standards of our shareholders and revenue of the country. So, Zest Saving and Credit Co-operative Ltd are here for you with different varieties of Saving accounts that is beneficial to you.

Zest Saving and Credit Co-operative are established in accordance with the Co-operatives Act 2048. The Co-operative is established with the total capital of Rs.10,00,00,000 (10 Crore), which will be sequential to be turned into chatter capital.

Objective –

  • To provide quality service to the member using modern tools and technology.
  • To increase employment by mobilizing capital in production sector through cooperatives.
  • To provide membership to all kinds of cooperatives.
  • To assist to reduce poverty by mobilizing fund through the cooperative sector.
  • To help the cooperative sector to become a professional and sound financial service provider in remote areas of Nepal.
  • To meet the changing needs of members.