A commitment of the MD

Managing Director

First, I would like to thank all the buddies and my supportive fellows for recruiting me to serve as the Managing Director (MD) of Zest Saving & Credit Co-operative. With my supportive team of Zest Saving & Credit Co-operative, I uplift my co-operative standard by properly utilizing the capital in the field of mobilization of Natural resources. With this trend of success, we already open our service center in four different areas of Kathmandu. Phasely, we will be expanding our services all over Nepal.

Since the establishment of Zest Co-operative, we are serving our heartfelt customers with the full facilities and on-time services. We will continue this pace as long as our customers are with us. Me with my support team is always ready to uplift the standard of an institution, shareholders, and revenue of the country. Our co-operative is always in touch with our customers, we take the comments, problems from our depositors and tries to suggest and provide an instant solution.

So, being the Managing Director of this reputed co-operative I would like to commit that, the institution will be in glorious fame and this lead to a high member friendly, financially sound and technically efficient co-operative in town.

Madhusudan Pathak

(Managing Director)